Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can I use a Degree from Space Coast Bible College?

A:  Degree Programs prepare you for ministry in the Body of Christ, the Church.  The opportunities are almost endless, and SCBC is designed to prepare you for doors the Lord will open.  Such an in depth Biblical education is excellent preparation for all aspects of ministry such as church pastor, teacher, counselor or missionary, just to name a few.

Q: What is the purpose of SCBC?

A: Our purpose is very clear and simple: to provide an affordable, comprehensive Biblical education to prepare men and women for Christian ministry.  A more complete purpose statement is available on our website.

Q: What Degrees do you offer?

A: Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies; Master of Science in Biblical Studies and Doctorate of Theology in Biblical Studies.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Bachelor Degree Program?

A: It is designed for four years, but it is also designed for your pace.  The entire Bachelor Degree will require as much time as you are able devote to it.  You decide if you want to complete the degree in less than four years or more.  It could be finished in less than one year if you are highly motivated.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Master’s and Doctoral programs?

A:  Again, these are also self-paced courses.

Q: What are your fees?

A: (A) The Bachelor Degree is $2,000.  This can be paid several ways:

-          Before studies begin ($1,600) which includes a 20% discount

-          $500 down with 15 monthly payments of $100

-          $200 down with 15 monthly payments of $120

(B) The Master’s Degree is $400 payable in full up front.  To be enrolled in the Master’s Program you must have a Bachelor’s Degree from SCBC.

(C) The Doctors Degree is $500 payable in full up front.  To be enrolled in the Doctor Program, you must have a Master’s Degree from SCBC.

(D) We offer no Federal Assistance, no scholarship and no student loans.  Based on our low cost, and your ability to download all curriculum, we have a no refund policy.

(E) No diploma will be issued if there is an outstanding balance.

Q:  Is academic credit given for ‘life experience’?

A:  Unfortunately, no.

Q:  Do you offer academic credit for similar theological studies in other academic institutions, seminaries or Bible schools?

A:  Unfortunately we do not.

Q: Is there any on site classroom teaching?

A: Since the degree programs are designed exclusively for off-campus students, you are allowed to work at your own pace.  There will be no on site classroom teaching.

Q: What payments do you accept?

A: SCBC accepts all major Credit Cards via Paypal, Personal checks, Money Orders or Bank Checks.

Q: Why is your Program so inexpensive?

A: Our goal is to equip the saints for ministry (Ephesians 4:12).  We have the entire program developed, written and on-site.  Therefore, the low cost is designed to attract more students who would not normally think they could attend Bible College!!

Q: Do you require testing?

A: There are no tests in our school.  The curriculum has been written with spiritual growth and practical application as the goal.  Therefore, we require pastoral involvement rather than testing for rote memory.  All we require is certification from your pastor that you are making satisfactory progress. 

Q: What help can I expect from SCBC?

A: Email, phone call or if you are local, you can meet with the Chancellor in person. We want to help you grow spiritually.  There are no additional fees for interaction.

Q: Can I make copies of the class material/lessons?

A: All curriculum associated with SCBC is copyrighted, but SCBC gives permission with the following stipulations: No changes are to be made to the curriculum.  Acknowledge in writing, on all copies, that you have been given permission to copy from SCBC.  Do not sell, trade or barter in any way, any material from SCBC. 

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: An active Pastor will be eligible for a 50% discount, with a $200 down payment and eight payments of $100 each.  A “Family discount” is available: First family member pays normal fee, second member (with same verified address) pays 50%.  The third family member pays 25%.  All others in the family will incur no additional fees.

Q:  Are there any refunds available to students for any reason?

A:  There are not refunds.

Q:  Are there scholarships available at SCBC?

A:  Yes.  Servicemen serving on active duty in overseas assignments, missionaries serving in overseas assignments and prisoners currently serving time in penal institutions are allowed to pursue their degree programs at no charge until it is completed. 

Q: What happens if I do not complete the Degree Program or if I am unable to pay in full?

A: Once you are paid in full, there is no expiration to your enrollment.  You are not able to Will your Degree Program to any other person.  You will not receive the third or fourth year curriculum until you are paid in full.  There will be no diploma issued until the full payment is made.

Q: Can Home School families use this curriculum?

A: Home School children can be considered as dual-enrollment students.  There is no age requirement.  The only stipulation is that your local pastor must be involved to ensure which students are enrolled and that each student is actually doing the assignments.

Q:  How and when do I receive my materials and assignments once I have paid?

A:  You will be contacted by a member of the SCBC staff after we receive your payment.  If you wish to conduct your study via the internet, you will receive your enrollment packet and instructions by email.  If you decide to conduct your studies by correspondence, you receive your enrollment packet and instructions by U.S. mail.

Q:  Do students have access to all the materials at once or just one assignment at a time?

A:  We assign each specific topic as one assignment which consists of a series of lessons. 

Q:  Are all of the college assignments available totally online?

A:  Yes.  Or if the student wishes, they can be made available by traditional correspondence through the mail.