Space Coast Bible College

From Dr. Ken Babington
SCBC Chancellor

Anything you read is only as good as the writer.  The credibility of Space Coast Bible College (SCBC) is no exception.  Since First Baptist Church of Cocoa Beach is almost unknown, and since Ken Babington is all but unknown, it is only right to learn what you can before you decide whether you will enroll or not.

I was born in July, 1946, in Jacksonville, FL.  I was born again on March 6, 1976 at the age of 29.  My wife and I attended a couple’s conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at what is now Precept Ministries and Kay Arthur was the primary speaker.  I was discipled for about 18 months by Kay.  By the summer of 1977, Kay and Jack asked my wife and me to move to Chattanooga and be their first married couple trainees.  I also had an offer by our local church to be the full time Associate Pastor, and I accepted that position on August 1, 1977.  17 months after becoming a Christian, I was in full time ministry!

Kay taught me how to study.  She instilled in me a passion to read biographies.  She encouraged me to write Bible studies and she has consistently encouraged me for 37 years as a Christian.  Even today, when I write a new study, I send her a copy.  The entire four year curriculum of SCBC is designed like separate “precept” courses.

By 1979, I had written and printed my first complete discipleship study.  It was an in-depth, 52-week thorough study to train others.  Part of that course is being used in the Master’s Program at SCBC.  Since 1979, I have preached on doctrines, books and individuals from the Bible.  I have taken those lessons and developed the curriculum for SCBC.

I have wanted a Bible College for over 30 years, and have been hindered in several areas.  I wanted it to be inexpensive, but curriculum is not cheap.  I needed volunteer instructors and these are difficult to find.  I wanted it available outside my immediate area, and that compounded every other concern.  During 2012, we began to refine the studies I had written over the years, and at some point, I realized what we had!!  We have over 1,000 lessons that we organized into a four year Bible College for the Body of Christ.  It is intentionally non-denominational.  We cheerfully ignore accreditation to keep the price more than reasonable.  As for my education, I have attended five fully accredited colleges.  I have an Associate of Arts Degree and about 154 college credits with three different (uncompleted) majors!  I have an Honorary Bachelor of Science and an Honorary PhD in Christian Education.  I have been in pastoral ministry since 1977, and have been full time Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Cocoa Beach since July, 1992.

The curriculum from SCBC is systematic, solid and practical.  It can be used across denominational lines, and it will prepare you for the exact ministry the Lord has set aside for you.