It is the ultimate goal of Space Coast Bible College (SCBC) to provide inexpensive, thorough and practical Biblical principles that can be effectively used in daily life by any Christian!

 The Body of Christ has countless saints who want to be used by the Lord, but feel inadequate in Bible doctrine.  Many Believers want the education of a Bible College, but cannot afford to be a full-time student.

 SCBC has been designed, developed and implemented to make solid Bible teaching available to all Believers in your home, at your pace, at an affordable price.

 Most mission societies have an educational qualification.  Since SCBC is not accredited by design, we also provide a way for Believers to become missionaries, worldwide.  We have a mission society to sponsor graduates of SBC.  We will teach you how to raise support.  We will be your spiritual covering, and we will work with your local church to encourage you and pray for you.